Welcome to Highlands Nordic Sno-Park

Special Projects

warming hutEach year the Highlands Nordic Ski Club takes on a few major projects to improve the Sno-Park. The great news is, our long talked of shelter is under construction. Much thanks goes to Rob Thompson for volunteering to manage the project. Thanks too, to Rob and to George Baumgardner for gathering the materials, and to Rob, George, Jack Thurston and Andre Corso (thus far) for working to put the building together. Both Midway Building Supply and Zosel's Lumber have generously discounted high quality materials for the construction. Please patronize their businesses and thank them. And, thanks to your generosity with dues and donations over the years, we have enough money banked to pay for most of the materials. We will need your dues this year, and any extra you may want to contribute towards the shelter, to finish the project and rebuild our account so that we can cover our usual expenses for the upcoming season.

If you would like to make a donation to club projects you may do so here, via PayPal.

new hut elevation